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     The cleaning team from Carpet Cleaning Sands End just finished up at my property and they did a phenomenal job. It looks amazing. I will be recommending them to all of my friends.
D. Spencer21/05/2020
      Sands End Carpet Cleaning Company has a handy team, very helpful and careful with all of my fragile items, would hire again anytime I need upholstery cleaning. Best customer service.
     I am a busy professional woman and thinking of doing the cleaning makes me tired. I needed someone to help me with all the chores. The cleaners Sands End Carpet Cleaning Company sent were ideal. I hire them regularly now. Thank you.
Dee L.01/12/2015
     I had been searching for a cleaning company to take care of my home and clean it efficiently. SandsEndCarpetCleaners was the best choice! The cleaning agency sent professional cleaners to transform my house into a whole new place. I feel so much better now when I come back from business trips. The spider webs and dust gathered around have been successfully removed. I am considering hiring these cleaners to come once a week now. Thank you so much to! Great work!
     Baking used to be a hobby but then I converted it into a part-time business for some extra income. While I love cookies and cakes and all things sweet, I do not look forward to having to tackle kitchen cleaning tasks at the end of each week. The oven gets so sticky and grimy and it since I'm rarely off my feet I am quite protective of my free time on the weekends. A client mentioned SandsEndCarpetCleaners and their great oven cleaning service and I haven't looked back ever since. Now I can enjoy cooking and baking for my friends and family without having to get elbow deep in grease every weekend!
Maggie L.19/09/2014
     The best thing I found about this company is that they keep their prices so low but also when I tried them out to do my upholstery cleaning the ‘technicians' who came were really excellent and so professional, I was really impressed. They knew just what to do and the difference in my upholstery (settee) is amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending SandsEndCarpetCleaners especially for the upholstery cleaning obviously but also things like dealing with them over the phone was good and with the prices they charge I'm glad I contacted them first and not some other company. Many thanks to all concerned.
Sam Poulter13/08/2014
     Four lovely ladies from SandsEndCarpetCleaners have been looking after my office floor for about 6 months have already proved themselves to be a superbly experienced and professional team. They perform all of our end of day cleaning for about 15 minutes every day, and once a week they give the whole floor a rigorous clean and do all of the dusting which takes about an hour. The office team are equally friendly and accommodating when dealing with arranging cleaning work around changing business hours. And they are accustomed to not disturbing the staff or business in any way. Highly recommended.
Sarah Thompson08/04/2014
     This is a brilliant company for everyone out there who struggles with their cleaning jobs! As a mum of young kids, I never had the time for cleaning, but once they'd all hit that certain age the house was just always a mess! It was an absolute nightmare and I was embarrassed to invite friends over! I called SandsEndCarpetCleaners but wasn't expecting much. I found myself pleasantly surprised though! The company were very professional and had some excellent prices. I get my house cleaned weekly and this is a truly great service - no complaints at all! Thanks so much!
Angie A.25/02/2014

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